Back to black 💀 r.I.p for now blond 
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The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return 🌹 #natureboy #flowers #photography #instagay #gay #gayboy #me

With fellow fashion blogger Dakota Kevins and his lovely date at the Novella Magazine launch party. 
Check out the night here on The Lady-like Leopard. xx
From the magazine launch party a few days ago xx
Toronto Mens Fashion Week was so fab 
Shisha 💨💨
Are you gonna stay the night?
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Aphrodite lady
seashell bikini
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I went into the new year with my friend, both wasted and quite stoned, we declared this year would be all about us and it would be amazing and an experience. And it was. 

I hung out with the wrong people and began doing hard drugs more and more. 

I went to the BORN THIS WAY BALL which was one of the best nights of my life 

Saw Marina and the Diamonds in concert for the second time, met a boy who seemingly fell in love with me (I was his bubblegum bitch)

Got into another relationship, which taught me so many lessons and taught me so much about myself. 

Went to a BJORK concert, first time seeing/hearing her music and it was unbelievable. Made me fall in love with her.

Went to Italy, my first time out of the country, such an incredible and beautiful and life-changing experience. 

Went to New York City with my sister, spent the days wandering the city and experienced so much that I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else, went to a heartsrevolution concert and met Leyla, the lead singer. Danced the night away in a velvet tank top and platform shoes. 

Came back home, enjoyed the remainder of the summer, did my hair and eyebrows and changed my look and changed myself. 

Got high every day this summer lolz

Met Diego, my current boyfriend.

Started school.

Got into a relationship with Diego, been happier with him than I have ever been. 

TONIGHT: NEW YEARS EVE spending the day with my best friend who has made the last year so incredible and has helped me get through so much. Rakayla, my queen, my everything. Then later on meeting up with my boyfriend and going to a friend’s party for New Years to get drizzunk and turn up. 

everything has changed but I’m happy to go into 2014 with new experiences and new lessons learned that I didn’t have going into 2013. This year has been a learning year, learning about myself and learning about life but I wouldn’t change any of it. 


jewels and drugs 
take me back to Italy pls
just chillin in my new Gucci sweater 
start of long thanksgiving weekend with my love 
great night c: